How to Choose the Right Fitting Gym Wear When Buying Online

How to Choose the Right Fitting Gym Wear When Buying Online

Exercise is important. Not only does it produce endorphins that make us happy, but also helps us stay fit always. It does not matter what body type you have, or how big your body is; you need to make exercise as a daily routine — for your own good. There should be no excuse to that.


So whether you’re feeling guilty for binging on snacks during the holiday season, or simply wanting to stay fit, active and healthy, hurry up and run to your closet now to get dressed for exercise from the comfort of your home. But if you, like many of us, prefer to workout at the gym due to hectic schedules, then that’s fine, too.


In case you don’t have anything suitable to wear, perhaps it’s time to buy a proper gym wear. Get two pairs of gym wear (that include a set of top and bottom) if possible. There’s no need to go to the mall to buy them. Avoid the crowd and buy them online instead.


Here are some tips for helping you to choose the right fitting gym wear online.


Get the Right Size


One of the most uncomfortable feelings is wearing clothes that don’t fit. Would you wear a bra that doesn’t cover your breasts? Would you wear loose panties? The answer is a resounding ‘no’. I highly believe that you wouldn’t want to walk around in oversized shoes. Maybe slippers, but not shoes — same goes for your gym wear.


For the sake of comfort and performance, your gym wear should fit you to a t. Neither must is be too tight nor too short. It just has to be right.


If you’re an ‘S’, wear an “S”. But if you’re an ‘M’, don’t wear an “S”. Clothing sizes are generally similar between US and Europe. But Asian shoppers might find their ‘M’ size equivalent to a US “S”.


In order to be certain about the fitting, read the product details before you buy your outfit. Measure your body. If you’re buying sports bras, measure your bust circumference.


Choose Your Material


The material of your gym wear will determine how comfortable you will be during exercise. So if you pick the wrong material, it can very much impact your overall performance. Here’s a piece of advice for you: don’t compromise the quality of your gym wear for anything cheaper but low-quality. You don’t always have to spend more money for a better quality outfit.


Shopping online may be quick and convenient, but the downside is you can’t touch or check the quality of whatever you’re buying. Sure, any online seller can say good things about their products. But as an online shopper myself, I didn’t always get the exact items I ordered.


So how to know if the gym wear you’ve ordered is good-quality? Well, take a good look at it. Most online sites will allow you to zoom in and out their images. Pay attention to the product details as well. There’s a reason why they’re there.


Check out what material is the gym wear made of. Is it made of cotton? Spandex? Bamboo? Polyester? Try to avoid anything made of cotton. If you can’t avoid it, then go for anything with the least amount of cotton. The reason why you should wear anything else but cotton is because cotton holds moisture close to the skin, which means when you sweat the fabric is going to absorb all the sweat and make you feel uneasy. Plus, you might end up looking like a sweating pig. Yikes.


So go for high-performance fabric that wicks moisture away to keep you feeling fresh throughout your workout session. These fabrics are great for heavy workouts:


  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Lycra spandex


Yes, there are all synthetics. They will keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hotter weather. But if you want to avoid synthetics, bamboo, wool and tencel are great alternatives.


Check If You Can Layer It


There are times when the weather is hotter or colder than any other day. I would advise you to carry a gym jacket whenever you hit the gym. The weather can be unpredictable sometimes. But if you already know what the weather is going to be like (thanks to weather reports), then you don’t always need to have a jacket with you if you think it’s unnecessary.


There are people who enjoy working out in layers of clothes. If you are one of them, then perhaps you can wear a jacket on top of your base layers. If this is what you intend to do, make sure your jacket is big enough to make room for your base layers.


Get Something That Suits Your Activities


People don’t just go to the gym for weightlifting. Some people go to the gym merely to attend dance, aerobic or yoga lessons. Ask yourself what activities will you be doing at the gym.


If you’re going to the gym for weightlifting, then you must always put on something that fits you to a t. Imagine yourself wearing an oversized t-shirt while working with kettlebells or dumbbells, and your sleeves just keep getting in the way. Throughout the session, you’re constantly pulling your sleeves out. Don’t you find that annoying? If you do, go sleeveless or wear any body-fitting shirt with very short sleeves. Alternatively, you can wear a body-hugging long-sleeve top.


Loose t-shirts are wonderful if worn for the right activity. I suggest loose t-shirts if you’re doing pilates. Your bottom outfit should be body-hugging and stretchy. Although it’s not common to see people wearing loose pants when doing yoga, that doesn’t mean you cannot wear them at all. As long as you’re comfortable in them, why not? A pair of harem pants won’t hurt.


But please, do not attempt to run on a treadmill in a pair of long, loose and oversized pants at any point of your life.


Widen Your Options


There’s nothing wrong with shopping around for good bargains. Just because you’re buying workout clothes, doesn’t mean you need to just stick to Nike, Adidas or any other name brands.


Even if you only want to buy from name brands or brands that you trust, don’t just go to their websites in order to buy what you’re looking for. Consider visiting other websites that carry those brands as well, because you might find better bargains there — who knows?


As discussed earlier, online shopping doesn’t always guarantee you full satisfaction and that you might not get exactly what you want. If you want to play it safe, then shop at online stores that offer money-back guarantees on your purchases. If you don’t like what you get, then ask for your money back. Some online retailers would even give your money back without needing you to post back the item shipped to you.


Do Your Research


This is a no brainer. If you’re going to buy something online, then you need to take into account every detail that describes a product you like. Ask as many questions as you want until you have a vivid idea of what you’re really getting from the product.


Some online retailers have a chat function on their sites. Use it to communicate with the online sellers. Some products shown online do not have enough details to describe them. This can be frustrating when it involves something that catches your eyes, yet fails to convince you that it is worth buying.


Before you buy your gym wear, look around and save your favorites. Most sites allow you to ‘Like’ or bookmark your favorite items so you can easily find them next time. When I see something I really like, I don’t buy it right away. I will bookmark it and wait for the price to go down first.


Although I recommend you to have two pairs of gym wear, don’t hesitate to have more if you think it’s necessary. Once you’ve gotten used to wearing gym wear, you’ll always want to shop for more simply because it’s versatile, practical and comfortable!

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